Photos From the 2019 Production of DEX & ABBY

Photos, courtesy of Ground Floor Theatre and David Hawk, photographer

Abby, the diva! (Cassidy Timms)


(From left to right). Dex (Jason Graf), Corey (Jacob Bernelle), Sean (Will Gibson Douglas) and Abby (Cassidy Timms)


Dex, Corey and Sean. Sean to Corey, indicating Dex: “He always does that. Watches you. Like there’s nothing else in the whole world he would hold in his gaze but you. Dex adores you.”


Corey to Dex in their dream: “Oh my brave watcher dog! Some things even you can’t protect me from. But I know you’ll always try”. Dex: “I will always watch. Always.”


Sean to Abby in their dream: “And what do you think of Corey?” Abby: “He pets me. I like that. And he’s good at walkies. I think he’d chase squirrels, if there were any squirrels. He won’t let me close enough to the ducks, though. And he needs to get a better dog.”


Dex and Abby finally see a squirrel on the back fence!


Katie (Danielle Grisko) is dog-sitting and gives Dex some cuddle time.


Dex and Abby. Friends.