Photos From the 2018 Production of Dare

Photos, courtesy of Desert Rose Playhouse and Mike Thomas, photographer.

Richard Marlow, as Jack, being "helped" out of bed by the nursing home's reluctant nurse assistant, Robbie Wayne.


The incredible Richard Marlow, considers a gift his doctor has brought to him in the nursing home.


Matthew Hocutt plays Josh, Jack's "consulting gerontologist".


David, played by Noah Arce, encourages the younger Jack to make his "look" a bit more flamboyant. San Francisco, 1973.


The younger Jack, played by Terry Huber, experiencing Fire Island for the first time. 1978


David is urging the younger Jack to attend the first ACT UP rally in New York City, 1987.


Josh reviews Jack's medical records.


David is leading the very reluctant younger Jack through the moves of their drag routine for a Pride celebration...New York City, 1990.



The nurse assistant shares his virulently homophobic views of Jack with a friend.


"Don't be long, love."


Josh, who has just wreaked havoc in the office of the home's administrator, confesses, and is urged to "go and sin some more!" by Jack, as his confessor.

Jack prepares to take his "last bow".